Friday, May 06, 2005

normal but weird

How much do I love Lily-the-quote-machine? Read on.
(Did you notice it was written by a guy named Seven?)

Thursday, May 05, 2005


It's 05/05/05. Doesn't that seem somehow special and important? Even if it isn't.

I've had a few friends who were into astrology and numerology and the significance of certain days. My best friend is sort of into astrology. Although if you ask her, she'll absolutely say she's not. Anyway, she used to have a book (I think that's it) about what it means if you are born on a certain day. My day was about all about darkness and secrets. Very heartening. I once dated a man who was into signs and numbers and stars and whatever. Whenever we fought, he would say it was my "scorpio nature" coming out. Needless to say, that never helped the argument. Once we were in the country (New Yorkers say "the country" to mean outside of New York. It's hilarious. I love it.) and he noticed that our sandy-haired server at this cozy little place in Lenox was especially patient. He asked her sign. I wanted to hide under the table at this point. She told him, and he turned to me and said, "See?" I had a feeling I was going to end the relationship right then and there. I did a month or so later. Must have been my scorpio nature.

My horoscope today:
"Give whatever you are working on your very best effort. The fewer people you have around to disrupt your accomplishments, the better. Satisfaction will be yours if you focus on something creative."


little list #1

1. I live in NYC.
2. I've lived here for almost 16 years.
3. I consider myself a New Yorker.
4. I recently moved in with my near-perfect boyfriend (NPBF).
5. I attend the theater between one and four times a week.
6. I prefer to be known as "Mrs. Jeter" during baseball season.
7. NPBF sometimes goes along with number 6.
8. But usually he doesn't.
9. My co-workers are very emotional people. (More on this later.)
10. I love coffee, early mornings (but not lately), accomplishing goals, looking at the Hudson river, yoga (but not in a fanatical way), cooking, the New York Times, email, brunch.
11. Don't you love brunch?


Four be the things I'd been better without:
Love, curiosity, freckles and doubt. --Dorothy Parker