Friday, June 10, 2005


You don't really want to know how I scored on this, do you?

bad news

Jason Giambi? Randy Johnson? Brian Cashman?


Thursday, June 09, 2005

little list #3 (summer)

Things I want to do this summer:

1. Spend a weekend in Great Barrington
2. Spend a weekend at the beach (the Cape, Long Island, or elsewhere)
3. Go away for July 4th weekend (noticing a theme here?)
4. Rejoin Sonic Yoga
5. Have a picnic with friends
6. Explain to J. that even though I act like a moody freak who is going to run away to some sublet/apartment share in Red Hook with twentysomething editorial assistants/film student wannabes who pay $400 a month for rent and sport eyebrow rings and those stupid yellow rubber bracelets, I'm not really going anywhere. Why? Because I love him.
7. Go to a baseball game. I mean, COME ON already!
8. Eat lobster. At least once. Preferably outside.
9. Plan our birthday vacation and make it to die for
10. Take a long drive with the windows open

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


...and kicking. Despite staying up for 33 hours straight.

Now it's really summer--well, not technically, but you know what I mean.