Thursday, September 08, 2005

word up

Fema has a rap. Look.

I know. It's that awful.

(This made me laugh, though.)


Think I could run a five-mile race by October 30?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

question of the day

Am I too old to play a drinking game?

Because this is irresistible.


I am so organized at work right now that I'm sort of scaring myself.

Now you know.

mama drama

Am I really supposed to act like it's not a big deal that my mother hasn't been to NYC since 02/98 and is coming to town tomorrow? I don't think I can pretend that's normal and fine with me.

Here's how things have changed...

In 02/98 I:
--still worked as a diamond dealer during the fall and winter and as the publicity director of BSC in the summer
--had just moved into my apartment on Riverside Drive, which was basically unfurnished (I still slept in the loft and didn't have my world famous barn table or even a couch)
--was either just about to or had just finished dating Ken (I think I blocked it out 'cause I can't remember)
--had only seen about five Broadway shows
--weighed about 10 pounds more than I do now (that's a lot when you're barely 5'2")
--still read scripts and novels for film companies
--had never published an article (just stories and poems)

Whatever. I have to get over it.

I hereby vow that if I ever have kids, I'm going to treat little Derek Jeter Beaton and Hideki Matsui Beaton right and not neglect, ignore, compete with or put them down.

Um. OK.

rant over

Monday, September 05, 2005

back to school

After over a week of vacation with my sweetie, it's time to go back to work/put my nose to the grindstone/shoulder to the wheel, etc.

J. and I spent the week jumping in the waves, feasting at a variety of restaurants, playing with family, looking at each other all googly-eyed (as well as getting a lot of EPWC* done). Now it's back to work, meeting about a new opportunity, pitching new stories, continuing to teach and (sigh) back to the gym.

Here we go!

*EPWC=ever-present wedding crap