Wednesday, December 21, 2005

you say you want a resolution

Well, you know...

I always try to make resolutions I can keep. One I make and keep every year is to ALWAYS have a fabulous New Year's Eve. After a series of atrocious ones, I have kept this promise. Yes, Virginia... there is such a thing. This year I will be spending it at one of my favorite restaurants (Five Points) with my sweetie and a small group of friends. Yay!

OK, so resolutions. The first part of 2006 is going to be crammed with wedding stuff, so I'm not going to put on any pressure for that time period. Getting hitched to my sweetie without having any emotional breakdowns from me and/or assorted family members will be an accomplishment in and of itself, dontcha think?

Here are my little resolutions for 2006:
1. Have a happy, non-neurotic wedding that is actually enjoyable.
2. Make a new friend. (Sounds Hallmark-y, but I put this on every year, and I keep it every year. How cool is that?)
3. Freelance at two or more new publications. It's nice that magazines for which I have written in the past continue to assign me new pieces, but it is time to branch out.
4. Continue to RUN. It's just so good for me.

There are a few more, but they are too personal for this here blog that no one reads but weird comments box spammers, my sweetie and my broham.

In other news, the FTS is making me insane. Please make it STOP.


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