Thursday, September 29, 2005

good things

There has been a lot of unwanted pressure lately: parent worries, tyrants in the workplace, a case of the blues. Stuff like that.

Here's a list of recent good things (just to remind me that they exist):

1. Seeing my sweetie's smiling face as I gave him his birthday gifts yesterday. What fun to go to a romantic restaurant for a delicious meal and see him feeling happy and loved. Wonderful.

2. The moment when I actually got through to Ticketmaster to get post-season tickets (the gift!). It was pure victory!

3. Having a new assignment from Time Out New York. It'll be good for me to stretch those muscles again.

4. Speaking of muscles, it's nice to have new workout that's showing some results. It makes me want to go to the gym. What a concept.

5. My friends have been very supportive and compassionate. So has my sister. It makes all the difference.

6. Teaching again. And the possibility of teaching more in the future. The more I widen my focus, the more balanced I seem to feel.

More later...


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