Thursday, November 03, 2005


I saw Ian McKellen's solo show in high school (before he had come out/anyone outside of London knew him/had blockbuster movie hits). After the show, someone in my class asked him what he would be if he were not an actor. His response? "A theatergoer." I think not, Sir Ian. Not if you have to sit through a comedy about incest starring Jill Clayburgh, or a $10 million dollar musical by the guy who wrote "You Light Up My Life." Sir Ian should have said, "A theatergoer who only attends plays at the RSC." Or something like that.

Clearly, I've been sitting through a lot of plays lately. Four this week. Thank goodness for Patti LuPone and Sweeney Todd for reminding me why I actually like what I do for a living. I get a little buzzed--like one glass of wine too many--when I see something I like. It just lifts me right up and makes me a bit giddy.